Our Upright Arch Cake Guides are laser cut and etched from Clear Frosted Acrylic to help you attain sharp edges and clear straight lines on your cake.


These guides are for an upright cake design, therefore sold in sets of two. 


We offer 6 sizes as well as a discounted price for the whole set. Sizes include 5", 6", 7", 8", 9" and 10" in width.


The metric sizes are :

10" - 254mm x 289mm

9" - 228mm x 269mm

8"- 203mm x 239mm

7" - 178mm x 209mm

6" - 152mm x 179mm

5" - 127mm x 149mm


These Cake Guide are designed to be wrapped in Glad Wrap before using to allow for easy, clean removal from the cake. 

Upright Arch Cake Guide Set

PriceFrom AU$18.00